Word Search Suggestions

  • Keandre Marsh - 2014-10-04 16:07:43

    Posted to: halloweenwordsearch.net/TopUserWordSearches.php - Put in alphabetical order.

  • raven - 2013-12-04 14:08:16

    Posted to: thanksgivingwordsearch.com/UserPuzzle.php - ilovethesegames

    Reply from Rick: thanks :-)

  • Football - 2013-11-26 10:53:15

    Posted to: thanksgivingwordsearch.com/index.php - Football is missing

    Reply from Rick: Feel free to create a puzzle that includes it if you like :-)

    Thanks for the post,
    Rick :-)

  • Bruce E. Timmreck - 2013-11-23 18:59:49

    Posted to: christmaswordsearch.net/UserPuzzle.php - Christmas Holiday Word Search Should Be on A Larger Print Puzzle Lighter Not Solid Red!

    Reply from Rick: You can always try my original word search if you don't care for the colors on the holiday versions.

    Hope that helps,

  • embeded links - 2013-09-27 23:41:13

    Posted to: halloweenwordsearch.net/index.php - make embeded links workable for any site - or forums to have fun with others online

  • Betty branham - 2013-08-10 06:12:06

    Posted to: wordsearch1.com/index.php - Need to be able to get yor games on iPad,please

    Reply from Rick: I would love to... unfortunately the iPad doesn't support Flash. At some point I'll sign up for a developer's license, but then I'd have to put the games into the App Store.

    Thanks for the suggestion, :-)

  • mark - 2013-07-28 00:26:45

    Posted to: wordsearch1.com/WordSearchChrome.php - remove ads from the left side and put them below or out, so puzzle can be centered

  • courtney - 2013-07-23 17:43:11

    Posted to: wordsearch1.com/WordSearchChrome.php - Hi, I am not seeing the wordsearch puzzles show up... at all. please fix!! thanks!

    Reply from Rick: It seems to be working. Are you still having a problem?

    Thanks for letting me know, :-)

  • Linda - 2013-07-19 12:41:49

    Posted to: wordsearch1.com/WordSearchChrome.php - Would love to see the completed word searches. At times I cannot for the life of me find the last word, so it would be nice to locate it.

    Reply from Rick: I would like to add a hint button. It's been on my to-do list for a while, but I just haven't gotten around to it.

    Thanks for the suggestion, :-)

  • Ronnie Siakor - 2013-07-18 21:28:37

    Posted to: wordsearch1.com/index.php - thanks for the opportunity to be able to create my "own" cross words games. I feel great and bless. my only suggestion is that you make it possible for me to save it, share either through email or website with my friends and families.

    Reply from Rick: You can share it on your own web page. The code to share that game is available by clicking the 'Embed' button in the puzzle. If you copy and paste that code on your own web site it will display the puzzle you created.

    To email, you can just copy and paste the URL into your email application. I used to have links that let you email those to friends, but spammers tend to abuse those.

    Hope that helps, :-)

  • Richard - 2013-07-17 07:59:21

    Posted to: wordsearch1.com/WordSearchChrome.php - Hello. I would feel a greater connection to each puzzle if you had all the words to search for related to a certain theme/subject matter. As an example, let's say the theme is sandwich, and then the words would be like bread, mayonnaise, etc.

    Reply from Rick: Have you tried any of the user generated puzzles? You might want to look through our puzzle directory, there are thousands of themed puzzles if you would like to look through them.

    You can also search for a theme using the Google Search Box.

    Hope that helps, :-)

  • Jerry Beeler - 2013-07-12 09:38:59

    Posted to: wordsearch1.com/WordSearchChrome.php - Would like to be able to save Word Search so that I can return to a game at a later time.

    Reply from Rick: I am actually planning on creating a log in system. That is required before you can do things like save a specific word search. It is something I want to do though.

    Thanks for the suggestion, :-)

  • Alex - 2013-07-03 09:28:30

    Posted to: wordsearch1.com/WordSearchChrome.php - the facebook ads are blocked and i can't see the board because of the notification of that

    Reply from Rick: It doesn't seem to be that way right now.

    If it happens again, click the 'Full Screen' button on the top left. That should put the game in Full Screen mode so the FB share buttons are removed.

    Hope that helps, :-)

  • - 2013-06-30 08:06:34

    Posted to: wordsearch1.com/WordSearchChrome.php - make them a bit easier by making the grid smaller

    Reply from Rick: I would like to add several different levels of difficulty when I have the chance.

    Thanks for the suggestion, :-)

  • Ray - 2013-06-25 09:49:15

    Posted to: wordsearch1.com/WordSearchChrome.php - It would be nice if the board wasn't hidden at the end of play. Sometimes I'd like to check a definition popup after the game is complete.

    Reply from Rick: It also might work if you could just hide the win screen... let me think about that. :-)


  • Robert H - 2013-06-22 04:43:42

    Posted to: wordsearch1.com/WordSearchChrome.php - Would be great if my score on times can be saved so I can improve on speed. Maybe its there to do this. If so please guide Thanks.

    Reply from Rick: I'd like to add some log in features to my word search puzzle site. It might take me a while, but that's something I'm hoping to do. If I have that you will be able to save off puzzles you like and the times you've had on them. Anyway, hopefully some day I'll have that.

    Thanks for the suggestion, :-)

  • John Jagiella - 2013-06-21 22:58:58

    Posted to: wordsearch1.com/WordSearchChrome.php - Add a pause function (that blocks out the puzzle of course). Even when doing a quick little puzzle something might come up

    Reply from Rick: I think this may be a double post. I responded below, but Pause is something I definitely need to add.

    Thanks again, :-)

  • John Jagiella - 2013-06-21 22:58:54

    Posted to: wordsearch1.com/WordSearchChrome.php - Add a pause function (that blocks out the puzzle of course). Even when doing a quick little puzzle something might come up

    Reply from Rick: I've had a lot of requests for a pause button. I really should add one. When I wrote the games, I didn't think that it would be necessary, because all it would do is stop the clock.

    Thanks for the suggestion, :-)

  • parlato valeria - 2013-06-20 08:55:52

    Posted to: wordsearch1.com/index.php - io cerco giochi di parole in italiano. grazie

    Reply from Rick: You can create your own puzzles with Italian words. Sorry that I don't speak Italian myself :-)

    Thanks for the suggestion, :-)

  • Jenny - 2013-06-19 09:35:04

    Posted to: wordsearch1.com/index.php - Very nice website. You present the games well, good colors, good sizing, attractive drawings, etc. Love your Mahjong variations. I just did a word search and would like to suggest that you list all the words in the puzzle down the left side. This puzzle had vacuum, beam, bush, tow, and other three-letter words but they weren't listed on the left. Actually, I'd rather you didn't include three-letter words. More fun when the words are longer. I learned some words too, new to me: trine, palter, nosher. I was sure you meant brine, psalter and kosher! I looked your words up. I wonder if you're a Gen-X-er and these are newish words. I'm 70. Thanks for a good game site!

    Reply from Rick: 3 letter words frequently appear because of the random nature of the puzzle generation... but did you say 'vaccum and brush' were in the puzzle but not on the left side? That would be strange. I might have to look into that a little more.

    Thanks for letting me know :-)